Discover How Data Will Revolutionize Your Wholesale Operation
We Help Real Estate Investors grow to 6 & 7 Figures
The Industry’s Leading Real Estate Coaching Program

  • ​How To Generate Massive Amounts Of Leads
  • ​How To Save Massive Amounts Of Money On Marketing
  • ​How To Get Simplify And Manage Your Data
  • ​Where To Skip Trace, How To Skip Trace, When To Skip Trace
  • ​Cold Callers - Who To Hire/When To Hire
  • ​How To Leverage Systems To Dominate Your Competition
  • ​Where To Get Lists, When To Market And How Often
  • Learn The Best Marketing Methods Used By The Top Wholesalers In The Country
  • ​Learn How To Automate & Delegate
  • ​Learn How To Negotiate & Close More Deal
  • ​Learn How To Leverage Data To Lower Marketing Expenses & Increase Profit
  • ​Learn How To Organize, Manage & Deploy Your Marketing
  • ​Discounts On Skip Traced Data
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • ​Get All Our Contracts & Proven Scripts

You will not only learn how to generate more leads, but you will be given all the tools, systems and strategies used by the TOP Wholesalers in the country.

Jesse Burrell is a "Data King". One of the co-founders of Data Is King Academy, Jesse talks about processes, sales, and marketing that a multi-million dollar wholesale operation needs. 
Ivo Draginov is a "Data King". Ivo talks about all the systems, processes and automations that are needed to run a 7 figure wholesale operation. 
Anny is the "Data Queen". Anny runs the day-to-day operations of several multi-million dollar organizations and talks about KPIs and processes 
Greg Helbeck is one of the best closers in the country. Greg talks about how to get more deals and how to break down seller objections at appointments and over the phone.
Pace Morby is one of the brightest minds in real estate. Pace breaks down advanced sales tactics and how to talk to home-owners and get more deals.
Co-Owner of Keyglee and one of the biggest wholesalers in the country doing 70-80 deals monthly, Jamil Damji talks about Mindfulness and Meditation.
Max is the owner of Max Cash Offers and partners with Steve Trang. Max talks about his unique marketing methods and the systems he is currently using that allows his team to do 7-10 deals per month.
Steve Trang is the host of Real Estate Disruptors podcast and co-owner of Max Cash Offers. Steve breaks down the perfect appointment and how to eliminate "think-it-overs".
Elijah Rubin is owner of WIIN Investments. Most commonly known as "The Fire King", Elijah talks about mindset and what separates the wannabe investors and the pros.
6 Modules - Over 60 Videos Of Actionable Content
  • Module 1: Mindset Mastery - Learn From The Best
  • ​Module 2: Data Domination - All About Data, Lists & Skip Tracing
  • ​Module 3: SMS Marketing - Learn The Latest & Greatest Methods
  • ​Module 4: RVM Domination - Do It  Like The Pros!
  • ​Module 5: Cold Calling Mastery - Master The Art Of Cold Calling
  • ​Module 6: Advanced Sales Tactics - Close More Deals!
The #1 Coaching Program 
It’s a simple fact that success in real estate is ALL about data. Gathering it, categorizing it and marketing it in order to help you 10x your business.
REI Squad has finally figured out the “secret sauce” to getting ANY investor ALL the data they could ever need. Don’t believe us? Here’s just a small part of what students in our Data Is King Academy have access to:
Finally, a single, in-depth program that fully outlines ALL the systems you need to deploy marketing – and how to deploy it.

Throughout the course they “deep dive,” you’ll learn how to save hours every week and every day with systems and processes.

I mastered how to reach sellers multiple ways with the same data – they may not “bite” on the first one, I learned how to “double-dip” on multiple marketing streams with the same Data.

Each one of the five modules is focused on growing your business and finding out how to have consistent and quality lead flow in – effortlessly!
Of course, this isn’t just about how to use data in your business, it’s also about how to keep that data working for you and your team every day. The last decade has seen incredible growth in the real estate sector, especially investment, yet so many people are still doing it “the old-fashioned way” and leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. When you join the Data Is King Academy, you’ll not only see how to set up your own business, we’ll also cover critical components like:
  • Staying fully compliant with all your marketing methods.
  • ​Using technologies like SMS, RVM, and Cold Calling to double or triple your profits – with less time, effort, and money.
  • ​We’ll also give you our top performing scripts for each system – SMS and RVM.
  • ​Struggling with cold calling, find out if your lists and data are performing with the proper KPIs. Learn what those are.
  • ​Communicating effectively with sellers.
Data Is King Academy Is A System That Works! But Don't Just Take Our Word For It..
Think of it like this – you can spend years to acquire all these tools and the knowledge to use them, OR you can join us in the Data Is King Academy. As a member, you’ll have exclusive access to:
  • ​The six-module Data Is King Academy courses – each one building on your experiences and the previous coursework you’ve completed.
  • ​Exclusive access to the private Data Is King Academy Facebook group, where you and other students can ask questions, share insights, and see how others are using the Data Is King material in their own real estate businesses. 
  • ​Personalized coaching calls every two weeks while you go through all the modules.
  • ​Experienced guidance for every question you might have – and the real-world experiences of our team on how to prioritize all the material!
Membership is VERY limited – we only want investors who are truly serious about growing their business and committed to the group - so schedule a call with our team today to see if the Data Is King Academy is the right decision for your and your real estate investment business. It could be the most important decision you make!
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